The project

Standalone webcam on the airfield

with inlay of Metar Taf Sigmet


Collaborative aeronautical leisure project, allowing users to install without special knowledge, a high definition standalone webcam that automatically returns an image timestamped every 5 minutes of view of runway, with an inlay of Metar Taf Sigmet …


  1. Conditions : have an interesting view on the airfield and have a DSL box (or other permanent connection)
  2. Objective : make aviation weather webcams accessible to all (no manipulation or knowledge necessary) and at low cost
  3. Sécurity : the webcam is time stamped with the last Metar Taf Sigmet from Météo France inlaid in the picture
  4. Interest : improve the mesh of decision support tools for navigation by observing weather webcams overlooking the runways and encourage pilots to watch the weather from the airfield of diversion and destination (but also for fun and pleasure to observe its airfield)

Opportunity to be connected with Wifi or RJ45 Ethernet cable. The sight of the webcam can be integrated on any flying club website, software, smartphone or tablet etc. …

The project :

This project is possible thanks to nano-computers Raspberry Pi HD cameras and modules, they can be power supplied with a phone charger and an SD card is used for the operating system and software.

The contents of the SD card is freely supplied by and includes the application system with PLC connection and publication. Each webcam is named and customized with the closest weather station. This project was done in collaboration with

Cam-Aéro à Belle-Île (LFEA) pointant au 040

Cam-Aéro à Belle-Île (LFEA) pointant au 040